Why “Do1ThingToday”?

My name is Paul. I love photography, gardening, cycling, recycling, and taking on more home improvement projects than I could ever possibly complete. I believe in living my life in such a way that I can leave as a small of a footprint behind as possible. I created this site to share my photos, my ideas, and ideas I’ve come across from other sources, with other like-minded people.

- A brief history

A few years back I posted a mock YouTube video of myself posing as an under cover smart phone reviewer, solely to poke fun at “unboxing” videos of newly purchased electronic devices (Zzzzzzzz). To my amazement, people actually watch this type of video… a LOT… we’re talking by the thousands!

Somehow, my video ended up getting noticed by someone who works for a rather large internet search company, which will remain nameless. This someone encouraged me to post more edgy reviews because he thought they were funny, and he thought they might catch on, which would allow me to make some money from my site through advertising. This is when YoPauly.com was born. I gave it a go for the fun of it, but I soon realized how exhausting it was to always have to be on the cutting edge of technology, and to have to be “edgy and funny” was even more work. Did I mention I already have a full-time Job?

Fast forward a year or two… The good news is one of my posts got a lot of hits, and numerous people very left positive comments, and shared their own experiences. This was a post about how I resolved having a headphone jack break off inside my iphone and how I resolved it (if you have this same problem, goto: iphone headphone jack broken to view the article).

From this one post, I learned that just by sharing my story, hundreds, if not thousands of people who were in the same boat could benefit from my own experience. This was a break-thru moment!


At that point, I decided that I would cut out the snarky attitude and begin sharing things that could benefit others far beyond unboxing or smartphone reviews. Do1ThingToday.org posts probably won’t be nearly as popular as complaining about the latest iphone release, but I’ll feel much better at the end of the day. Plus, I won’t have to review every new gadget that comes along… only the ones I think are really cool :) (Have you checked out Blackberry 10 yet?).

As Paul Harvey used to say, “…and now you know – the REST of the story.”


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