Paper or Plastic?

200 MILLION plastic bags!

ELEVEN TRILLION plastic bags/year

Every day we make a choice… “Paper or Plastic?”. Before your answer, consider the following:

In California alone, single use plastic bags are used at an alarming rate.

380 per second
22,800 per minute
1,368,000 per hour
32,832,000 per day
229,824,000 per week
984,960,000 per month
11,819,520,000 per year

That’s 11 trillion, 819 million, 520 thousand per year. Continue reading

Why 2 When 1 Will Do?

Once is plenty

Once is plenty

I’m going to complain here a little.

Public restroom etiquette is a big thing for me because I used to have to clean them. I don’t know exactly what goes on in the women’s rest room, but guys have the strangest habits (Don’t worry, I won’t go into ¬†all of the dirty details, just a little potty talk).

#1 Why do some men walk up to the urinal and flush it before they even begin? Do they have a problem peeing into a dirty urinal? Continue reading