Drive as if your grandmother is in every other car

My dear sweet Italian gramma

My dear sweet Italian gramma

Why is it that when we step into our automobiles, many of us seem to feel invisible (I too have felt this)? We drive as if the other drivers are our enemies and that every “wrong” move they make is made just to slow us down and piss us off. Like the person in front of us who just sits there after the light turns green. “What are you DOING… GO already!” I yell to myself in the safe confines of my car (she can’t hear me). Seconds later, I realize that there was a senior citizen still crossing the road with her walker (true story). Now do I feel like an idiot or what? Continue reading

Unplug for a day (or an hour)

Pull the plug!

Pull the plug!

Once upon a time, in the early 80’s – before most of ever even heard of the Internet, I used to do what I called “Unplugging”. One Friday per month after work,  I’d go home and I would unplug, meaning I would not watch TV, I wouldn’t listen to music, I would unplug the phone (who remembers when phones were attached to the kitchen wall with a long tangled cord draping down to the floor so that you could cook and talk on the phone at the same time?… the long cord also let me walk into a different room to get away from my nosey sister… but I digress), I wouldn’t even turn on any lights when it got dark. Instead I’d eat dinner, read, take a bath, write a letter, all by candle light. I was obviously single with no friends. Continue reading

Paper or Plastic?

200 MILLION plastic bags!

ELEVEN TRILLION plastic bags/year

Every day we make a choice… “Paper or Plastic?”. Before your answer, consider the following:

In California alone, single use plastic bags are used at an alarming rate.

380 per second
22,800 per minute
1,368,000 per hour
32,832,000 per day
229,824,000 per week
984,960,000 per month
11,819,520,000 per year

That’s 11 trillion, 819 million, 520 thousand per year. Continue reading

Why 2 When 1 Will Do?

Once is plenty

Once is plenty

I’m going to complain here a little.

Public restroom etiquette is a big thing for me because I used to have to clean them. I don’t know exactly what goes on in the women’s rest room, but guys have the strangest habits (Don’t worry, I won’t go into  all of the dirty details, just a little potty talk).

#1 Why do some men walk up to the urinal and flush it before they even begin? Do they have a problem peeing into a dirty urinal? Continue reading

Walk in the rain without an umbrella!

Look ma, no umbrella!

Look ma, no umbrella!

Have you ever stopped to notice how most people are “afraid” to get wet from the rain? We often run, in a very funny way, from the car to the safety of an indoor space or under an awning to avoid getting a few drops on us. I’ve even seen people prancing between puddles on their tip toes so their fine leather shoes wet. How funny is that? Continue reading

Dont Diet, Save Money, Lose Weight (DDSMLW)

shakeRaise your hand if you’ve ever been on a diet…

Keep your hand up if one of your new year’s resolutions is to lose weight…

Ok, hands down. I’ve got a not-so-revolutionary concept that is not a diet, will not cost you a dime (you will actually save money), and will help you lose weight.

Side note… I am not a healthcare professional, nor a dietitian, but what I am about to tell you is not a secret, it’s not some crazy diet, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s simple, and anyone can do it (please read Step 0 below). Continue reading

Pen and Paper

Hand written notes are the best!

Hand written notes are the best!

Did someone give you the perfect gift during this past holiday season?
Why not take the time to thank them in a special, old-fashioned way…

Email has all but taken the place of the hand written word. Sure it’s fast and easy, but nothing says, “you’re important to me” than a hand written note. When is the last time you got a hand written note or card? Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions


Take a smoke “break”

Ugh, where to begin?

Every January 1st I set out to start anew and change the world with one easy wave of my not-so-magic wand. Last year was no different… I made my list of numerous, nearly impossible things that I wanted to quit, change, or begin. Now 364 days later, I still have a half refinished piano sitting in my bedroom (year 5), I have unpainted trim in my house, sliding doors with no handles, a fence with missing pickets, a shed without shelves, running shoes that are not even broken in, no rainwater reclamation system, and a blog to write.   Continue reading