Soak Up a Sun Beam

Sun BeamThe sun… It is the source of energy that gives life to our planet earth.
From the beginning of history, cultures all over the world have worshipped the sun. Today, many still worship the sun at the beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts, etc.

Take a moment to soak up a sun beam. On rare occasions you can actually see what we call rays of light as they sift through trees, clouds, even buildings, creating some of the most magical images. Continue reading

Oh Christmas Tree…

Cast Away

Cast Away

Countries all over the world have different traditions surrounding the Christmas tree. The tree was once decorated outside, and at some point in history (depending where you live) it was brought inside, decorated with fruit, nuts, popcorn, candles, home made ornaments,  etc. In 2012, the US cut down over 34 million christmas trees and Europe cut down between 50 and 60 million trees. Wow! The average American Christmas tree takes around 10 years to grow, and is typically used for less than 20 days before thrown to the curb to be hauled away. The typical White House christmas tree is over 100 years old. Continue reading