Soak Up a Sun Beam

Sun BeamThe sun… It is the source of energy that gives life to our planet earth.
From the beginning of history, cultures all over the world have worshipped the sun. Today, many still worship the sun at the beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts, etc.

Take a moment to soak up a sun beam. On rare occasions you can actually see what we call rays of light as they sift through trees, clouds, even buildings, creating some of the most magical images. Continue reading

Pen and Paper

Hand written notes are the best!

Hand written notes are the best!

Did someone give you the perfect gift during this past holiday season?
Why not take the time to thank them in a special, old-fashioned way…

Email has all but taken the place of the hand written word. Sure it’s fast and easy, but nothing says, “you’re important to me” than a hand written note. When is the last time you got a hand written note or card? Continue reading

No Butts

Garden Butt

Garden Butt

I love Spring
I love nature
I love flowers

But Butts are Bad!

I’ve never been a smoker, except for the one Halloween I dressed up as Father Guido Sarducci (that was in the early 80s), so it’s difficult for me to understand the entire concept of smoking, other than doing something you’re not supposed to do as a kid. I really don’t mind if people smoke, I just wish they would stop exhaling. But I digress… Continue reading