Join a Carpool or Ride Share

I feel very lucky because I live close enough to my work that I can ride my bike almost every day. On days when I have to drive due to bad weather, or for an appointment after work, or when I’m just feeling lazy, I usually notice how many people drive solo in their cars and trucks and SUVs (this is usually because I’m stuck in a long line of cars trying to escape work). If you are a daily commuter, look around then next time you’re stuck in traffic… how many cars have only the driver inside? Staggering!

If everyone of these people could carpool or ride share, it would cut the fuel consumption on our highways in half. Plus, by having half of these cars on the road, traffic would also be cut in half, allowing traffic to move more efficiently, cutting fuel consumption even more. Wow!

So, What to do today?

Look into taking alternate transportation or sharing a ride with someone else who sits alone in their car every day. If you live close to work, considering pulling out your bike, pumping up the tires, oiling the chain and checking the breaks… then ride it to work. Even if you only do this once a week, you will feel better, and you will be doing something for the environment and your pocketbook (does anyone still use that term… pocketbook?).


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