Consider Adding Solar

Silent, efficient, and clean energy, powered by the sun.

Silent, efficient, and clean energy, powered by the sun.

How many days does the sun shine bright where you live? How many of those days are you harnessing the power of the sun to make electricity, or to heat water?

The sun provides us with the heat and light necessary to sustain life on earth. But what we don’t often think about is that it also provides energy to create electricity, heat to pre-heat water, and the ability to reduce our reliance on and mining for fossil fuel.

There are so many ways to include solar in your every day life. The one most people think about and wonder how they could possibly afford it is to add solar-electric panels to the roof of their home. This does have a high initial investment, but it is a good long-term investment, especially with government and/or utility company subsidies that are often available.

Other ways to include solar is to seek out more affordable solar devices, such as solar flash lights, battery chargers, cell phone chargers, garden lights, attic fans, gopher chasers, and even lawn mowers! You can also install solar water heaters or pre-heaters that reduce the amount of natural gas or electricity to heat household hot water.

So, the next time you are in the market for items that use standard batteries, consider buying rechargeable batteries and a solar battery charger, or maybe even a solar powered version! Search the web to find deals on solar installations and subsities in your area.

As always, let us know what YOU’RE doing with solar and share your success stories.

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