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Plastic Apples - say NO THANK YOU!

Plastic Apples – say NO THANK YOU!

Food is what nourishes our bodies. Why not eat the best food possible?

Organic food is so much more readily available than it was just a few years ago, and it’s becoming more mainstream in even the largest of grocery chains. Many people shop at their local markets, attend farmer’s markets and buy local, organic food. For some, this is not always affordable, but there are options that make it almost as affordable if you take the time to look around.


Plastic Apples - say NO THANK YOU!

Plastic Apples – say “NO THANK YOU!”

I sometimes shop at the “Big Box” stores (where I can never seem to leave without spending at least $100… why is that?)… Anyway, the one where I shop offers many organic items, like butter, mac n cheese, yogurt, chips, soy milk, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, etc. They also carry recycled paper towels and toilet paper. Many staple items are more affordable at the big box stores, so I get what I can there. This not only saves me money, but it also  allows me to affect what the store provides. The more people who purchase organic offerings at big box stores, or mainstream grocery stores… the more they will carry them.  Buying organic at big box store doesn’t cost a lot more than non-organic at a regular grocery store.

So, What to do today?

  1. Buy organic food when ever you can. It’s better for you and better for the environment.
  2. Seek out organic food at big box stores.
  3. Don’t buy more than you can eat before it goes bad, even if it’s cost less… It’s not really a savings of you’re throwing away food!
  4. Ask for organic options if you can’t find it. As a customers, we have more clout than we may realize.
  5. Support farmer’s markets. Buy locally and save money.

Side Notes:

  • Consider growing your own vegetables.
  • Instead of planting a landscape tree, plant a fruit tree.
  • Consider incorporating vegetable plants in your landscape. If you’re watering anyway, why not get something back?
  • Kids LOVE planting, growing, and harvesting vegetables. Maybe it will get them to eat more!

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