Walk in the rain without an umbrella!

Look ma, no umbrella!

Look ma, no umbrella!

Have you ever stopped to notice how most people are “afraid” to get wet from the rain? We often run, in a very funny way, from the car to the safety of an indoor space or under an awning to avoid getting a few drops on us. I’ve even seen people prancing between puddles on their tip toes so their fine leather shoes wet. How funny is that?So, what to do today?

Here’s a suggestion for next time there some drops falling from the sky. Try to let allow yourself to actually feel and experience the rain…. put your leave your umbrella in the the car, look up into the sky and greet the rain with open arms and maybe even an open mouth, like you do when you used to catch snowflakes on your tongue (for those of us who grew up where it snowed). Words of wisdom that my mom used to tell me, “You won’t melt… you’re not made of sugar”.

It’s just a beautiful, magnificent, life-sustaining (and wet) gift from the sky.



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