Pen and Paper

Hand written notes are the best!

Hand written notes are the best!

Did someone give you the perfect gift during this past holiday season?
Why not take the time to thank them in a special, old-fashioned way…

Email has all but taken the place of the hand written word. Sure it’s fast and easy, but nothing says, “you’re important to me” than a hand written note. When is the last time you got a hand written note or card?So, what to do today?

Send a hand written personal note on a nice card or stationary.

Side Notes:

  • You don’t have to wait for something special to happen, send one any time.
  • Sneak one into someone’s lunch, pocket or purse!
  • Buy stationary and cards that are printed on recycled paper, and support local artists.
  • Make your own note cards… this is a really fun activity to do with kids!

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