Oh Christmas Tree…

Cast Away

Cast Away

Countries all over the world have different traditions surrounding the Christmas tree. The tree was once decorated outside, and at some point in history (depending where you live) it was brought inside, decorated with fruit, nuts, popcorn, candles, home made ornaments,  etc. In 2012, the US cut down over 34 million christmas trees and Europe cut down between 50 and 60 million trees. Wow! The average American Christmas tree takes around 10 years to grow, and is typically used for less than 20 days before thrown to the curb to be hauled away. The typical White House christmas tree is over 100 years old.So, what to do today?

  1. Check with your local landfill to find out if they collect trees for recycling into mulch.
  2. Consider planting a small pine tree in a pot that can be grown outside and brought inside each Christmas.
  3. If you have the land for it, why not plant a tree in your yard that you can decorate each year.
  4. Artificial trees are getting more and more realistic looking…
  5. Aluminum Christmas trees were all the rage in the 50′s, and today they’re just as cool. I’ve had one of these for the past 18 years, including the color wheel. It’s very¬†nostalgic… or hipster, depending on your generation.

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