Plant a garden

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot of land to plant a garden. In some cases it doesn’t take any land at all.



Window-box Pots

You can plant an herb garden in a sunny window.
(pay close attention to their water, as they small pots tend to dry out quickly if in full sun).






Pallet Planter

Double pallet Planter

How about a pallet garden on a patio or in a small area? (This one is made from two used pallets and weed cloth tacked to the bottom to hold the soil. It can also be made with one pallet and stood vertically against a wall.





Lemon tree in a half wine  barrel

Lemon tree in a half wine barrel

Are gophers a problem? Use a half wine barrel or barrels to plant a vegetable garden or a dwarf fruit tree.

To make the barrel last longer, prop it up on bricks so that it has adequate air circulation below it.






Other examples of simple gardens I’ve run across.

raised bed

Front yard raised bed


Veggie garden at Smog Staion

tall raised beds

Front yard converted to veggie garden

trellace bed

Driveway trellace raised bed